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Car has 250,000 miles (402,000 kms). I have been driving it last 6 years. Its been a reliable car. I wish I could have that 3.3L engine in all my future cars.

The GOOD: New (not used) parts within last 2 years: alternator, radiator, plugs and wire, waterpump, fuel tank strap; No rust on hood, trunk lid, 4 doors or front quarter panels (oil sprayed annually since i owned it); synthetic oil changes last 6 years with Mobil1 filter (have receipts). Transmission changes gears with no issues (used was was put in ~4 years ago).

The BAD: High milage of course. Clearcoat on top of car is peeling; 3" rust spot on rear driver quarter panel where steel meets plastic rear bumper cover.

The UGLY: A/C doesn't work, fuel tank level indicator doesn't work (i fill up every 400 kms); Difficult to Safety since E-brake system doesn't work. Hood color (deep purple)doesn't match car (hit a deer a few years back).

I wasn't looking for a new car, but a good deal came across my lap last week. I was planning to drive it until major engine or tranny issues. Burns very little oil (~ 1/4 litre every 2 months) or lose coolant. I really don't want to drive it to wreckers, its been my daily driver for last ~6 years and has been trouble free the last year. Hopefully someone is looking for a good parts car though I admit not many Visions are on the road these days.
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