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1996 Air Silencer

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I have a 1996 base intrepid with the 3.3L
In my accordian tube....can i just take out
that piece in there? In that the silencer?
Where in the heck is my oxygen sensor??
Also, there are some wired that are bolted onto my air box right now? I'm putting on a cone for better flow...anybody else ever do this??.....god to i need help!
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I am having trouble trying to get the intake tube back in place after removing the silencer. How do those little black clamps with the serrated edges tighten back up? All I can seem to do is loosen them with a flathead.

Also, are there any precautions that need to be taken when doing this? I made sure all the pieces of the air silencer were out, but just in having it loose couldn't little pieces of dust get in there? How careful do you have to be?

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