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I have a 1997 Dodge Intrepid for sale, in USA - Arkansas.

Mileage: 208000 miles
Engine Size: 3

Asking price is $200

Selling this car because I can't afford to fix it, and I'd rather someone do something useful with it than junk it. It's priced at $200 because that's what the scrapper will give me. It has quite a few problems, the main ones being:

1) The transmission won't go above second gear, and usually won't go down into first. This is almost definitely due to a mechanical failure caused by a fluid leak that the previous owner "forgot" to inform me of.

2) The engine I believe has a bad wrist pin, possibly a thrown rod. It will still move under its own power but I wouldn't trust it for anything beyond moving onto a trailer. Ran great beforehand, though...never had any engine troubles.

3) The suspension under the front end is rather worn out, particularly the cradle bushing. Needs an alignment pretty bad.

It also has a little bit of body damage on the right front, looks like someone might have nicked something while backing up. Driver's door also has a nick in the edge, probably from backing up with the door open. Isn't bad though...affected area, paint and all, is about the size of a quarter.

Electrically it seems to be in good shape. The only things that doen't quite work right are the cruise control, tape player (stuck tape), and rear driver's side door lock, which I think has a bad motor. A/C works great but does have a slow leak.

The interior is in half decent shape for its age, but definitely does show signs of wear. There are a few missing screws, broken fins in the A/C vents...that sort of thing. It has bench seats, not bucket.

It has no ES badges, but has four wheel disc brakes, which confused me a bit. Also has functional ABS. No traction control, however.

Pics are from the day I bought it.
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