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Status: Clean Title

I have a 1997 Dodge Intrepid 3.3L for sale, in USA - Maryland.

Mileage: 234241 miles

Asking price is $1100 OBO

Seller Information: Katie Beisner
Phone: (443) 761-2418
Email: [email protected]

Been in the family since 1998, was purchased at a local used dealer in Central Wisconsin, was driven out here last year(2010) after I moved to Maryland. Took $1500 worth of repairs to get it to pass inspection, had no emissions problems. About 6 months ago the engine started cutting out at stop lights and in stop and go traffic, we replaced the EGR and cleaned the IAC but later replaced it anyway, as well as something to do with the Fuel Injector(I can verify this when I get home). The problems ceased for a short while after those repairs were made, over the next 2 months the problems began again. I took the car to a shop and they said it was the cats, but if it had been the cats the EGR would have burnt up in a week or so, and its still fine... The car did hit one deer about 3yrs ago, and one before that about 5yrs ago, sustained no mechanical damage, just a couple dents, thank goodness Intrepid's are beasts when it comes to their frame/body.

~Items replaced for inspection last year:~
(sorry if the terminology is off, copying it off the inspection papers)
Tie Rod
Front Struts
Sway Bar Links(rear and front right side)
4 New Tires (Turanza EL 400 P225/60R16 97T)
Front Bumper(The old one had a crack in it, the new one is scratched and does not match the color, but passed inspection, bumpers are $25 from Crazy Rays)
Front Headlights Units w/mounts Replaced
Hood Pistons Replaced
Front Cross Frame Mounting Bushings Replaced
Tag Light Bulb Replaced

~Recent Parts Replaced~
New Plugs
New Engine Gasket
A few other things, I have the list at home

~Current Issues~
The car does still stall, HOWEVER, instead of this being at every stoplight/everytime the car slows down... it is now ONLY when the car has been driven a certain distance, you shut it down, let it sit for 15-30 seconds, start it back up and it acts like it has no problems; some days this never happens, other days it does
Some mold on flooring, cleaning that out this week with hydrogen peroxide and vinegar, the windows were left down for a week while the car was on the lift in our backyard
Rusting in some areas(see pictures)
Dent on driver's side area above tire(we can thank deer number 1 for that one, see pictures)
Dent on hood/passenger's front side(this was deer number 2, see pictures)
Small tear in driver's seat, no stuffing is coming out, 1"x1" barely noticeable
Check Engine Light is on(O2 Sensor)

So if you want a parts car, have the spare time to fix it or just really love Intrepids and are interested or have any questions and would like to see the car feel free to msg me here, email or text anytime day/night(I'm usually up very [email protected]) ~I do work weekends but my boyfriend is usually home if I am not~
if you see this post the car is still for sale, cash only, 1100 obo(lowballers welcome), willing to trade for 95-99 VW Golf/GTI (III) that runs(say you want to sell yours for $2700, I'd be willing to give you the intrepid and $2k cash)

Craigs List Link


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