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I have a 1997 Dodge Intrepid for sale, in USA - Georgia.

Mileage: 127k miles

Asking price is $4000

I'm really hoping to get upwards of 3000 for it.
I NEED 4000 for a new car, but we'll see how that goes.

What follows is what i have listed on craigslist_

Hi. up for sale, is my 1997 Dodge intrepid. has about 126K, low for the year. 4000(negotiable- OR trade for Chrysler 300M OR Chrysler LHS)
This car runs AND drives beautifully. (not to mention it looks GOOD)
has fresh paint.

This is a fully loaded car.
It has ALL options. INCLUDING VERY RARE ___PERFORMANCE--HANDLING--PACKAGE. ( includes_ special, FULLY independent suspenion, and no top speed limiter.)
It is the ES trim package.

options include,

premium sound

cd player

tape player


power seats

power windows

power mirrors

AUTOSTICK (Chrysler's shift-for-yourself-transmission feature)

and many more.


This is, a one-off, custom intrepid because it has the FULL INTERIOR from the extremely nice Chrysler LHS.

there is only one other intrepid KNOWN TO EXIST that has this interior. ( it is nice ! )

BRAND NEW MTX THUNDER speakers in dash.

BRAND NEW VR speakers in front doors.

FULLY custom Blacked-out headlights ( i have the original headlights if you prefer)

RECENTLY replaced parts :

Subframe bushings (also known as cradle bushings)

tie-rod ends ( when i bought it the dealer had them replaced.)

NEW DODGE floor mats ( NICE)

LEATHER center console lid.

winshield washer COWL.


Front brakes.

Oil sending unit( it leaks) shop quoted me about 30$ to fix.

Has some MINOR dings here and there, but nothing really noticeable.


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