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I have a 1998 Dodge Intrepid for sale, in USA - Michigan.

Mileage: 215000 miles
VIN: 2B3HD56J6WH136403
Engine Size: 3.2

Asking price is $500

Selling my 1998 Intrepid ES, 2B3HD56J6WH136403, asking $500 or BO. No trades, cash only.

1998 Intrepid ES,
215K 3.2 Liter, Auto stick, Traction control, ABS
Leather interior.
Power passenger and drive seats.
Infinity sound.
Tinted windows.
Everything work on the car. All lights, AC, Radio, heat, read defroster.
Car is in Michigan, 48327.

Brand new radiator. (Started to leak slowly, not going to patch, replaced it)
Brand new transmission cooler. (MOPAR) (Car decided to screw with me after replacing the radiator.)
New Struts, bushings. All four wheels. Local shop.
Replaced both read brake lines. Two years ego. (Winter) Local shop.

BAD - Glitch in the Matrix.

1.) RKE entry does not work. I have a few remotes and none of them work.
Dealer did a scan last time I was there. Remotes are sending and signal so is the car.
Could be RKE module or the antenna inside the car. IDK (You have to use the key to lock and unlock the car)

2.) Engine would hesitate on cold restart. Could be ethanol gas in lines. There was a bulletin for this but not I can’t find it. (98-intrepid-won-t-restart-when-hot search google or the forum for this issue). The car did this to me a few times when it was cool and the engine being hot, you turn it off for 15-30 minutes come back and it hesitates to start. You have to keep cranking it and eventually it turns on. I was able to get cylinders misfire code only once. But again it happen a few times on cold engine restart. Happen to me like 4 times in winter two years ego.

From <>

3.) Small crack the wheel well.

4.) One of the front wheel speed sensors is cracked and needs to be replaced. When you hit a large bump the ABS, traction, Brake light will come on for a few seconds and go away.

5.) Some rust on the rear fender area and under some of the doors. Scratch on door.

6.)Ripped leather seats.

7.) Crack in dash.

8.) One of the overhead lights does not work, looks like the spring inside broke.

9.) Drive side power seat might need a new motor. It's very slow. You have to help the seat move.

Trying to list any issue I can think of in detail. I don’t want to screw anybody over. Again the car has some issues but you turn the key and it goes every time. Car has had a lot of things done on it over the last two years. I have purchased another car the intrepid needs to go.

Included brakes, rotor and pads, touch up paint, and few various suspension parts in the trunk.
Transmission was replaced around 130K by Daytrepper from the dodgeintrepid forum a few years back.
I replaced the fluid and filter and developed a seal leak between the engine and trans. Took it to daytrepper to fix the seal and we negotiated a price for a low mileage transmission and swap it out. Why not I would say. The new transmission had around 40K on it when installed and the car had around 130-140k.
(Parts replaced over the years. Starter, radiator hose, brake diaphragm, timing belt and water pump at 120K)
(Forgot to say that the AC evaporator was replaced a few years back, yes the expensive, large and time consuming repair was done by me.)

Check out pictures and videos in the link below. PM for questions or contact info. Intrepid?sort=3&page=1#


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1998 Dodge Intrepid New price $500 (Runs and Drive)

Figure I reuse my old post. 1998 Dodge Intrepid, 215308miles, $500. (New battery, new brakes included.)

1.)Brake light is on. Brakes work.
2.)New brake pads and rotters included, never got a chance to install them.
Car probably needs to be put on a trailer or car dolly to be driven away.

New pictures and video links to check out.
Car is located in 48327 zip code, a suburb of Detroit. PM me for more info or if you are interested. I might remake this post from scrats anyway.

Pictures, some current and some from a few years back.
Intrepid - Album on Imgur

Videos, some current and some from last two years.

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Yes runs and drives fine. Brakes might squeak for a few miles. (ie car been parked).
Abs and Traction light comes and goes (bad sensor in the front), Brake light stays on (not sure).
The dolly/trailer I mentioned was just a precaution.

Woober Goobers!
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Did you diagnose the ABS by code reading or just assume the problem is due to what you found during a visual inspection?

Do you have a picture of the sensor that you suspect is causing the problem?

Also might want to contact a Moderator to get the thread title changed to reflect your current selling price. Or copy/paste into a new thread with the current details and close the old one. Might get you better hits.

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I have not inspected the front sensors. Last time I was at dealer they told one had a crack and that might cause a problem down the road. What happens is if you hit a pothole or do a lock to lock turn, sometimes the traction and abs comes on for about 5 seconds while the brake light stays solid at this point. I did try a few odbii scanners but none will read ABS. Might try a visual inspection and or different odbii scanner. Good idea about the Moderator...thx

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Replaced driver front ABS sensor. Traction and ABS light is off. The brake light is still on, no info from the scan tool.
I am including over $100 of new brakes (Rotors plus pads) btw. And it still has the dual exhaust in good shape. Let me know if anybody is interested. Might need to look selling it locally here or donate. Taking up space at this point. :(

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