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Status: Clean Title

I have a 1999 Chrysler Intrepid for sale, in Canada - Ontario.

Mileage: 220 Kmkm
Engine Size: 3.2

Asking price is $$1500 OBO

Seller Information: Blake Clark
Email: [email protected]

So..... My car has died on me and I believe needs a new crank or cam positioning sensor as recommended by my mechanic.

Drove it home here, and now irt wont start again.... but who knows as these sensors are the likely culprit, and emotional like my wife that wants me in a smaller car :(

Car is clean, been parked in my condo underground all my time with it! Synthetic every 6000 Km,Trans service every 60K, new battery last month, timing belt and water pump last year, clean black on black interior. Wired for amp, fosgate 0 guage wires, flip down face sony stereo. Burgandy in colour

I am buying a Neon, or willing to trade for one as I have been screwed into working far from home and need a small car for the amount of driving i do.

I am simply done with the trep, and need a small car with four cylinders...any trades? the car is tinted by the way, and an ES model.

Please email me at [email protected]

I am in Ajax, Ontario

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