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I have a 1999 Dodge Intrepid ES for sale, in Canada - Ontario.

Mileage: 212000 miles
Engine Size: 3.2

Asking price is $600 OBO

This is a 1999 Interpid ES 3.2l with AutoStick transmission.
Aluminum wheels.
I'm the only owner. It has a dent (as shown) from hitting a road barrier at a low speed (slipped on black ice). It also has a soft dent in the left rear door.
The milage comes mostly from long trips, rather than frequent short ones.
Great for parts, but still drivable.
Two and a half months ago, in June, my rear left wheel's brake line broke (from corrosion) and I had a fluid leak, causing no pressure, so I had to get this fixed, but
I was quoted close to $2k for the repairs, by a local Chrysler dealership, as it was to
replace the entire brake line system (they don't cut off and patch damaged segments...), so I said no, and I bought a new car instead.
Anyway, I have the brakes all repaired now, elsewhere, and flushed with all fresh brake fluid, so they are fully functional, but I have no longer use for this car, so I decided to offer it for sale.

I've previously listed this car, as requiring a brake repair, and asking $1000 for it,
but, I believe $600 is more realistic. Now with the brakes all fixed, too.

Had new tires installed in March (rear) and November (front).


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