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1st confirmed

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I think I've had so many kills with my R/T but I'm never sure if they were trying 'cause they were so easy. Today at a light I was behind a Nissan pickup, all loud and riced. He was beside a matching p-truck but it was a Mazda. So off they went running each other and me keeping up easily. The mazda backed out of it so I got a chance to nail it and go around the Nissan. As I'm closing in on him (fast!) his passenger looked around as if to say "who/what the heck is that?" Well, I could hear that exhaust of his so I know for sure he was in it and trying. He never had a chance. When he shifted he lost a lot of momentum, but the autostick shifting at redline just kept pulling. So now I believe that all of my other "too easy" kills were just that - kills.
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hehe, nice kill, Don. welcome to the club. :)

reminds me of my first time....ahhh yes. anyone else remember their first time? :D
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