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1st Gen vs. Landrover Discovery (Uphill)

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I was on the north shore of long island and behind me at a light was Landrover Discovery from the local dealer. When the light went green I chirped the tires and we were going uphill at that point. Suddenly I see him take the left lane and I can hear his engine revving to try and pass me. So naturally I gave me 'corde a nudge and I stayed a good half car length away for about 1/8th mile until the Discovery had to concede defeat and get behind me again. I never had to break 4000rpm; remember, you should only pull out just enough to win :)
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i "raced" an explorer V8 once. he decided he should go in the far lane to try and take me off the line. i accelerated as normal, let him get about a 1/4 length on me and then i pushed down just enough to where the growl starts in 2nd (about 3000) and passed him up. i don't consider it a real kill because i didn't use more than half throttle.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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