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Hello all, newbie to the forum here.

I am doing a 2.7 to 3.5 swap in my 04 intrepid. I know the mods I need for the conversion and essentially the 3.5 harness will use the 2.7 ecm. The 3.5 engines listed that will work (from previous threads) is G,V,M 02-04 and should be the (HO) due to the MTV and SR valves. A 3.2 will also work. I understand the motor can come from the 300M, Intrepid and Sebring and should be the HO but does not necessarily have to as the engine is essentially the same.

From previous thread:

V = 3.5L 6 cyl. 24V SOHC Magnum (EGC)
M = 3.5L 6 Cyl. 24V (EGJ)
K = 3.5L HO 6 Cyl. 24V MPI (EGK)
R = 2.7L 6 cyl. DOHC FF (EER)
G = 3.5L 6 cyl. 24V (EGG)

I have a 3.5 available which is the VIN K from a 300M 2004. The VIN K was, I believe specifically made for the 300M.

From previous thread: "The difference is in the PCM programming not engine mechanical parts. The G and K engines are both HO(High Output) and have the same MTV and SR valves on the Intake manifold."

It is my understanding by the looks of things that the VIN K from the 04 300M will work for this swap, using the 2.7 computer as plug and play.

Can anyone shed light on this for me? Am I correct that this will work?

Thanks for the help!


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Yes it will, the only thing that will not work is the MTV and SRV valves, unless you put in a 3.5 ECM and the wiring....but IMO, it is not worth the extra work, the performance increase is negligeable. There will be no ill effects from not having it.
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