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Automotive lighting Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bumper Gas
Paint Art Petal Road surface Tints and shades
Automotive tire Wood Grey Road surface Font
Electrical wiring Cable Font Wire Electrical supply
Speedometer Gauge Motor vehicle Measuring instrument Vehicle
I have a bunch of intrepid parts for sale. I have pic's for some of this stuff.... some i haven't gotten pic of yet but they are on the way

2 special front sway bars

2 special rear sway bars

2 150 mph clusters one has no issues
The other has an intermittent back light issue
Special mirrors not in great condition

Custom rear two tone back rest from a 300m

Chrome shift knob
Wood grain steering wheel

A whole 01 electrical harness including ecm bcm skim with programmed uncut key

3.89 gears with matching tcm

Inferno red intake plenum with timing cover

Tinted halo head lights

Tinted tail lights and rear light bar with led's

Rt spoiler (white)

5 chrome 300m rims (tires are shot)

Complete 3.2 l engine with about 90k miles on it.
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