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Hi everyone,

My name's Raul. I am the proud owner of 2 Dodge Intrepids (98-2.7L & 99-2.7L) and 1 Chevy Camaro z28 (96-5.7L).

The 98 was my first car. Everyone in my town of Oviedo FL knew my car because of how loud and quick it was from a roll. I made my own ram air intake which functioned very well, and had a flowmaster Y-pipe to 3 inch exhaust and a flowmaster muffler on it. My stock time in the quarter was 16.7 @ 85 mph. With those mods and I went 16.0 @ 88 mph (almost 89mph).

I won and lost many races with it, beating a few Mustang 5.0's from a roll. Staying pretty even with stock GTP's from a roll, and surely beating Grand Prix GT's from a roll. I took a few intregra GSR's from a roll. Beating CAI, Header and Exhaust Ford Focus Hatch from a dig. Beating 2- 93' Ford Lightnings from a roll. Till the engine went bad @ 95,000 mi.

I then purchased my Z28, i went 13.7 @ 103 Bone stock with it. Owned many cars with it, too long of a list...Doest run 13.7 anymore, je je je. Never though I would mess with the intrepid again, until, i moved.

I now live in PR. And i own another intrepid that belonged to my sister, she blew the motor by driving it with low oil. So i had the motor rebuilt. That was about 2 months ago. Started recing this one so i went crazy with it. I put a ram air intake made my the local muffler shop with an electric supercharger on it. A nitrous kit that provides a dry 50 shot. Custom Headers made by that muffler shop, and true dual exhaust 2 1/4 inch piping ending in these generic, small tips that just look really good. Its about as loud as my camaro, im gonna quiet it down with some mufflers.

The body, well, simple champagne color with a black stock hood and black 18X7.5 wheels with 235 40 18 tires. Black headlight covers and my tailights are black with red circles and white and yellow lines,( you guys know why).
It feels considerably faster than my other intrepid and i have tested out the N2O kit yet cuz i have not filled the 9oz bottle yet. ( I know, small bottle, meant for motorcycles).

I have an extra torque converter for it and im having the stall speed raised on it by someone in town here. Hopefully that will help me out with the lack of bottom end power these engines have.

Thank you guys, hope to share a lot of info!
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