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Category: Domestic
Status: Clean Title

I have a 2000 Dodge Intrepid for sale, in USA - New Jersey.

Mileage: 137,000 miles
Engine Size: 3.2 L

Asking price is $negotiable

Category: Domestic
Status: Clean Title

I have a 2000 Dodge Intrepid ES for sale, in USA- New Jersey

Mileage: 137,000
Engine Size: V6, 3.2 Liter

Asking price is $negotiable

Up for sale is our family owned 2000 Dodge Intrepid ES.

My parents purchased this wonderful car from the local Dodge dealer in 2004 with approximately 35,000 miles on it. My mother drove it till 2009, at which point it was handed over to me (19 years old at the time). I love this car, and I’ve taken great care of it since the first day I had it. The only blemishes are a couple of shopping cart dings and a very small bit of rust on the left rear fender above the wheel. In addition the immaculate exterior condition, it is also fully loaded:

- 3.2L V6 with automatic and Autostick
- FWD, Traction Control, and ABS brakes
- Power window, mirrors, sun roof, leather seats (power), locks, steering, cruise
control, tilt wheel
- Dual Air Bags
- Fog Lights
- Digital Climate Control
- EVIC (electronic Vehicle Information Control
- Premium Infinity 5.1 360 watt Sound System with AM/FM, Cassette & 6 Disk
- Ke$ha CD - Cannibal
- Full Sized Spare tire (no donut)
- Clean leather interior with absolutely no tears
- Immaculate interior

Since I’ve owned it for the past couple of years, I’ve had the timing belt replaced, had a rebuilt transmission put in, regular oil changes and tune ups at the dealership, wheel bearings replaced, ball joints replaced, brand new tires put on, trunk struts replaced, and headlights refinished. Now here is the one issue: the car has engine trouble. The timing belt went while the car was being driven, and this caused some of engine components to sustain some damage. The mechanic says the rods got bent up, and the head might need to be replaced. The car will not start at the moment, and I can’t swing paying to have it repaired after having the transmission just rebuilt (~500 miles on the new transmission). Apart from this, everything is in exceptional condition. I’d love to see somebody with the financial means or know-how to breathe life into this great car once again!

Feel free to contact me by phone or email at 732-948-8333 or [email protected].


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