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Trying to look into this issue for my friend who can't seem to create an

account and do it himself. He has a 2001 Chrysler 300m with about 85K miles

on it. His car stalls from time to time when he places it in gear (drive,

reverse) so when he's trying to park or get out of a spot the car may stall

out on him. He can have the car idling and such or driving with no problems

but when he puts it in gear or is coming to a stop the rpms start to bounce a

tiny bit and may drop low and stall from what he says. its usually between

500 - 1000 rpms but he says he has to monitor it to prevent it from dropping

down below 500.

When i was in his car I noticed the stalling issue didn't occur until he put

the car in gear and started turning the wheel of course this didn't occur

every time so he kept turning the wheel. i believe when he was turning it

more so to the left the lights would dim a bit and the oil light would come

on, and the car would idle weird and if he didn't turn it back or rev it the

car would stall. he says when he's slowing down he may get the engine oil

light it comes on really quick and disappears.

But yea basically i checked his battery to make sure his battery was alright

with the car off i believe the battery was getting around 12.3-12.4 and with

it on the car was getting 13.4 - 13.7 So seems like the battery is alright.

He claims the issue started to occur after he got the car back from the

Chrysler dealership which was about a month or so ago. he was having a

coolant leak from one of the metal coolant pressure line hoses that go to the

engine. So he had them replace it and they also replaced his radiator fans.

I honestly have no idea what the issue can be he has a very dirty air filter

but i don't think that's the issue. Just started happening after the dealer.

Sorry if I'm not giving all the info I would need not used to his car.

Any info you guys could give me would be much appreciated and if you need

more info i could try to acquire it for you. thanks.

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Oil pressure sending unit?
we can try to check that to see if that is what is going i'd have to look online for pics of where it would be and what it looks like. since the light randomly came on i did think it may be an oil pressure issue. just did a quick search of what it looks like. i'll try to take a look at it today when I'm off work if he's available. do you think it's loose or needs to be replaced?

Just to confirm he states the oil light comes on right before the car is about to stall.
thanks for the info.
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