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2001 Concorde with SKIM and aftermarket alarm

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I’m troubleshooting a no start with key condition on this car. The car will crank and start but then shut down within a few seconds. By my understanding this means a SKIM problem as my reading has indicated that this is the outcome when things aren’t seen as all good. The car also has what seems to be a professionally installed alarm/remote start system which is the only fob I have for the car. I can remote start the car with the remote and it will stay running even after inserting/turning the key and taking off but my understanding is also that SKIM is being bypassed somehow for this remote start to be possible, correct?

The theory I have right now is the only reason I can start the car at all is because of the alarm system bypass and that if I removed it I may be left with no means to start it period besides addressing whatever is busted with SKIM unless it’s the alarm interfering with its operation otherwise. I dunno, my brain is cooked on this one. What would you recommend? Thanks in advance
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I revisited this on a warm day here in Michigan and on a whim disconnected the 4 pin connection at this aftermarket security module. The remote doesn’t work anymore and the LED up in the dash is solid red but the car now starts and stays running using the key. I guess SKIM wasn’t broken after all?

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Far as I can tell; this system seems professionally installed and worked great at one time I imagine; but what a nightmare when things stop playing nice with each other.
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