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Long time listener, first time caller with a 2001 Intrepid ES 3.2 currently at 166,600 miles. I have owned the car since 2001/17,000 miles and have done all of the required maintenance myself over the life of the car. I have scoured the internets and this forum for a solution to my issue but could not find what I am looking for.
Lately if the car has been sitting overnight there is a strong odor of fuel coming from under the hood the first time it is started. The odor will go away after a few minutes of running/driving and over the course of the day the odor will not return.
There is no visual evidence of a fuel leak anywhere under the hood or along the way back to the tank. Thinking this was a fuel vapor issue I leak checked each section of hose to and from the tank and ended up replacing a couple small pieces between the intake and the purge solenoid. I still have the fuel smell.
I removed the wiper cowl, let it sit overnight and then started it to get a good visual on the places other posters have found leaks or worn lines but am finding nothing. I have looked in the area around each injector and no fuel is leaking externally.
The check engine light has not illuminated nor are any codes pending (no matter how many times I check).
I have not determined if this is related to engine temp. or outside air temp. The daily highs were in the 90s when we first noticed the issue and now highs are in the 50s. I did smell a little the other day after the car sat for 6 hours in the cold/wet.
What am I missing? Have any of the leaks others have found been invisible externally?
Thanks for the help.
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