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2001 R/T oil cooler delete questions

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I found a bunch or threads of people deleting the oil cooler or recommending a delete. I have a couple questions since I now have a hose with a busted crimp (upper) and it looks like oil has been leaking from the oil pressure control valve quick disconnect for a while now. My son has been driving the Intrepid around for 5 years what started out as topping off with 1/4 quart every 2-3 weeks is now almost a full quart a week. So I need to do something.
  • Did you experience any issues with engine failure you think was related to overheating?
  • If you had to do it again would you have deleted but went with an aftermarket oil cooler hooked into a oil filter relocation?
He's going off to college far away and wanted to take the 01 R/T but I worry about the oil leak. He's going from hot California to cold South Dakota so maybe the delete won't matter as much.

I removed a bunch of the front end to replace the serpentine pully, remove the A/C compressor to replace the lid seal and found the tranny leak, upper hose on the tranny side. I was able to replace that by cutting the line close to the radiator barb and splicing in a 3/8 coupler and a Dorman 624-384 with a couple hose clamps. The radiator was replaced twice and I think the last one damaged the upper tranny hose which was very brittle at the barb. After degreasing/cleaning everything I was finally able to locate the oil leak in those two locations.

My gut is telling me just delete the oil cooler and call it a day, from all the threads it seems like a simple process. I haven't found may responses of how it went for everyone who did the delete long term.

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...I haven't found may responses of how it went for everyone who did the delete long term.

That's a good indicator that it did not cause problems. In your reading, you may have come across the fact that Chrysler de-contented the oil cooler starting in 2002.
I saw a couple people mention they thought it was deleted in 2002. I went onto a few Mopar parts websites and noticed the diagrams for a 2002 and 2003 still showed the cooler lines. I’m actually taking my truck in today so plan on talking to the parts guy to see if it’s still listed it online because it was offered in the police edition. I’m not sure what years the police edition was offered..
I talked with the parts guy at a local dealership this AM. He mentioned in 2002 everything looks the same but in 2003 there are 2 different radiator options for the 3.5l, one with the internal oil and tranny cooler and one with just the tranny cooler. He obviously didn’t say a delete is safe but he did say what all the treads here say, at some point it looks like the manufacturer deleted the oil cooler for the 3.5l. Going to delete it today.
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2001 3.5l Prowler did not have the oil cooler, feeling better about the delete :)

For whatever it's worth, I have an 02 3.5 liter intrepid ES that does not have a factory oil cooler and I have 351,000 miles on it. It's still my daily driver (it did have the auxiliary transmission cooler until recently). I have used synthetic oil since I bought the car in 05 with 78,000 miles on it.
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