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Where I'm currently working coming off the expressway is a sweet two lane exit 'S' turn - posted speed for the exit is 40MPH. So i'm doing 70 getting close to the exit (speed limit is 65) and lo and behold, there's an Audi from out of nowhere up my ass, didn't know what it was until he jumped out went by (he was that close) and gave me that look - so - I dropped it into autostick - nailed 3rd and went up his ass, on a slightly different line and about half way in he started to slide, I ducked under him and passed him like he was standing still. Had her up to 80 but had to back off because it dumps out into a four lane road (with a 20 foot concrete median to separate the exit/roadway). He works in the same office complex which is huge and had to follow me in, wouldn't pass me even though I was going SLOW, Funny thing, he parks on the other lot now. Made my day.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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