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For Sale - 2002 300M SRT Design Special
130K Miles
$7000 All Inclusive Deal (See details below...)
Current For Sale Images| Historic Images
Please PM me with your inquiries, questions, or suggestions.

The time has come and we've decided it was time to move on. The thought of trading this vehicle in
never entered my mind. I knew selling it here, that it would go to someone who would take care of it.
I've never driven a car this long before and it will certainly be hard to let her go.
This Club and the people associated with it also made the decision to sell that much more complicated.

All Inclusive Deal...
That includes the car as it sits today with all the mods and SRTD wheels. Other significant mods:
trunk mat, AC amp, SS overlay shifter, molded cup holder, articulating head rests, metal sail speakers,
northstar elbow, K&N CAI, sight shield, OEM bra, under body lighting, rear door lights, interior LED lighting, etc.

Also including:
Special 18's with Michelin Sport All Season tires with lots of tread (for winter).
Like new spare rim
Over $750 recently put into the front suspension with poly bushings (not including labor)
Rear poly bushings still in the box with another $900 worth of parts. (rear struts, rear coil springs,
strut shields, jounce bumpers, front and rear sway bar bushings, craddle bushings,
front and rear end links, and more...

Lots of other NEW OEM parts:
hydraulic tensioners (3), tensioner assembly, cam sensor, crank sensor, idle sensor, drain cocks (2),
assortment of Special fasteners (cladding), valve cover gaskets, TB gasket, package of copper crush washers,
hose clamps, mirror switch, master door lock, and probably more.

New aftermarket parts:
water pump, hub assembly (with OEM nut replacement) thermostat

Other OEM parts:
Factory air box, another set of excellent HIDs, Special plenum, clocks (multiple),
EVIC (2), 4-disc player, throttle body (2), 160 amp alternator (untested), additional HID parts,
ash trays, cubbies (multiple) rear door speakers, front door speaker, speedometer parts and bezel,
old grille, third set of OEM wheels (chrome clad), door lenses, EVIC bezels (multiple),
stock cup holder, and lots of other goodies.

Add in 3 oil filters (two Mobil 1 and a K&N), some left over ATF+4, Amsoil Universal ATF,
and a gallon or so of 50/50 coolant already mixed.

I also have complete maintenance records dating back to March of 2009 @ 46K. I would
include any and all documentation I have on the vehicle, sales brochures and images if
wanted. With the exception of the "2010 Ride of the Year" award that has my
name on it, I'm including two Indy "Best in Show" awards,
one Indy "Members Choice", and one Carlisle "Members Choice" awards.
I think they belong with the car and should be held with its new owner.

Since not everyone will have accessibility to my Members Picture thread, a list of all mods are listed below.

Under hood Mods:
Northstar Elbow
Mobil 1 Oil Cap
Sight Shield
Transmission Drain Plug
Fumato Oil Drain Plug
Metallic Silver Painted Strut Brace
Custom Painted Hood Insulator (300M Special logo)
BatterMINDer Port Connector

Exterior Mods:
RainX Latitude Wipers
OEM Embroidered Hood Bra
"SPECIAL" vinyl 3rd brake overlay
NAPA Ultra-Premium Rotors (black painted hubs)
Adaptive One brake pads
Modified DRLs - Parking Lights
Custom Black Powder-Coated Calipers
20" SRT Design Wheels wrapped in
245/35/20 Toyo Proxes 4 Tires
Custom Silver "Sparkle" Dual 9" Racing Stripes

Interior Mods:
Rear Courtesy Lights
LED Courtesy Lighting
Infinity Sail Speakers
Lighted Key Ring
Smoker's Package
Molded Cup Holder
AC Power Amplifier
Mopar Trunk Mat
Custom Articulating "SRT Design" Headrests
Stainless Steel Shifter Overlay
Johnson/Greystone Window Film (50 front / 30 rear)
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