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2002 Dodge Intrepid ES for sale - Milford, PA USA
162k miles, 3.5 V6

Asking $2500

A perfect first set of wheels for that kid going off to college, or a backup commuter vehicle. For those of you who know this car, there's at least 100K left in the engine if you treat her right.

There has been a significant amount of work done on the car in the past six months. Only 7k miles on four new tires (Rydanz Reac from Mavis), and a practically brand new spare of the same type in the trunk. Replaced rotors and brake pads front and rear, new rear hub bearings, new brake lines (they were leaking), new radiator. Inspection passed in December of last year, so there are no safety or emissions issues that I'm aware of.

Condition: Everything works except the right rear window which does not go down. Motor strong, trans OK, AC blows cold. I won't lie to you, the paint is rough from exposure and could do with a serious correction (or a trip to Maaco!), there are a couple rust bubbles forming in a few spots, and I backed into a concrete lamp post that caved in the right rear bumper (which I poorly repaired), but there's no effect on the running of the car. It's what you would expect from a car of this age and mileage that saw daily service as a primary vehicle. But with a little TLC, she'll clean up really nicely and provide many miles of good service.

Purchase at my asking price will include these parts pulled from my '99 ES:
- Power passenger seat
- 4 coil packs
- Slapstick
No guarantees that any of this stuff is working, but I used one of the coil packs recently to replace one that was a bit dodgy, so they should be fine.




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