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2002 Intrepid Police DRASTIC REDUCTION !!!4200!!! See Pics

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I have a 2002 Dodge Intrepid Police for sale, in USA - Colorado.

Mileage: 96000 miles
VIN: 2B3HD46V42H258720
Engine Size: 3.5L

Asking price was $5200 WITH all emergency equipment in place, NOW is $4200!!!
Would've taken $4000 if I remove the equip to re-sell (total value of the stuff in there is about 2 grand) Now will take 3800

I am parting with my BELOVED 2002 Intrepid AKA the Intrep-i-ceptor. I got this car back in 2006 when it had 17,000 (verified) miles on the clock. The owner prior to me was the federal government, specifically the General Services Administration police. The car was obviously an admin vehicle as it never had a cage installed and has carpet instead of a rubber floormat.

According to carfax there is 1 accident (though the date is WAY off, I bought it in 06, it lists the accident in 07, but I've never had an accident in it, so it must've been the feds). There is normal signs of wear and tear on the body, but all panels are in good shape, wheels are black steelies (repainted last year by me, check the thread about that on the 2nd gen forum if you like!)

Less than 200 miles ago I put a set of Blizzak WS-70's on it. I've lived in Georgia all my life but moved to CO in July for a new job. Am not accustomed to snowy driving lol. The RS-A's that were on it were down to almost the wear bars, so I opted to recycle them instead of keeping them.

I have all the service records since I got the car. Majority of the oil changes were done by me. It's been fed a diet of Mobil 1 15,000 mile EP 10w-30 since I got it. Always changed the oil at 10k, did a filter at 5k each time.

Major services:
Early on, can't remember dates, have paperwork for most:
Right rear strut replaed
Fuel pump was replaced
One of the 2 electric fans was replaced as well as the entire wire harness for the fans

Intermediate time frame:

Been through 2 sets of pads / rotors, always done by me. Currently wearing Frozen Rotors
with Performane Friction Carbon Metallic - Z rated all around

All brake fluid was flushed by dealer around 50k, replaced with DOT4

Radiator replaced at about 75,000 due to a hole, done by the "Dodge Doctors" in Atlanta, GA.

Just did the inner tie rod bushings + alignment last month.

Tranny has always gone through "my" cycle of pan services then flushes, 15k apart. So basically when I got it, I had it flushed, then had them drop the pan and replace the filter, then re-flush it so I knew what I was working with. After that, at each 15,000 mile increment the pan is dropped and filter changed, then 15k later, it gets a flush. I killed the tranny on my very first car (Plymouth Sundance LOL) so I'm wayyyy obsessive about tranny services.

I put new NGK plugs all around about 2 months ago.

It has black eagle eye headlights with amber DOT corners, HIR (halogen infrared reflector) low beams, SilverStar Ultra high beams. Did that early summer.

Has a Go-Rhino brand police pushbumper installed, I assume, by the emergency vehicle shop that outfitted it for the GSA (that shop's contact info is on the trunk). The bar has never been used to actually move another vehicle as I can tell...its in great shape.

No spotlight as it was removed, hole sealed in the A post.

I installed a nicer Sony headunit and Sirius Satellite Radio receiver when I bought it, and replaced all 4 speakers. Did that when I first got it, can't remember the brand of the speakers. Did all the work myself, have been building emergency vehicles since I was 19.

Blew a radiator hose parked in the tire store parking lot 2 weeks ago, they replaced the upper and lower with Napa hoses, flushed the cooling system.

Aux power steering cooler was replaced around September as it developed a hole and dumped PS fluid everywhere. Done by Firestone in Broomfield, CO.

As far as the emergency equipment is concerned, I will most likely be removing all of it and selling it on eBay. Will leave the pushbumper because the front bumper had to be altered to put it on. If there is interest from a volunteer firefighter, EMT, etc, I'll entertain leaving the equipment in place, but for an average joe wanting to play cop, no.

Equipment currently in place:

Jottodesk laptop mount
Havis shields center console with armrest, cupholders, and angled console containing 1 Kenwood 780 VHF two way radio (If sold will be programmed on licenseless MURS frequencies), 1 880 UHF two way radio (if purchased will be programmed to GMRS frequencies whose use requires you obtain a $10 FCC license), and 1 Uniden Bearcat BCD996T digital scanner. Each radio / scanner has its own band-specific antenna on the rear or roof.

Also has a wilson cellular in-car cellular repeater with dual band antenna on trunk (is CRAZY helpful in the boonies).

One Whelen Dual Talon light on the upper windshield, split red / white.
Wig-Wag headlights
4 Whelen single talons in the back, two are solid red, two are split red/whirte
One whelen slimlighter TIR-6 series, red/red on the deck.

There is no siren as I gave it to a volly firefighter buddy who couldn't afford one, and since I never use any of the equip anymore it didn't matter.

For the laptop mount, there is currently a power supply hard wired to the console that will work with the majority of recent laptops on the market. I was using it with a Panasonic Toughbook CF-52. Can include the toughbook if someone really wants it, we can talk about extra cost.

I have an A2DP stereo bluetooth receiver mounted onto the console with ACCY power, plugged into the AUX jack on the stereo, so you can get music from just about anywhere.

Has a full size steelie as a spare.

Has the optional rubber mat in the trunk found only in PD pkgs

Has a PD skid plate under all the essential engine compartment components. You can still change the oil and whatnot, just requires a little bending (on your part LOL)

2 keys

There are currently no mechanical malfunctions with the vehicle at all. I've been driving it since I bought my new car because it has the Blizzaks on it and goes through snow like it isn't even there.

My starting price is $5200 as that is what the dealer said he'd list it for. Unfortunately for PD package cars, there really isn't much in the way of "book value" because the combination of engine, suspension and components doesn't fit into an SE ES SXT R/T group.

I will entertain offers on the car without the equipment as long as they're reasonable.

If you'd like all the equipment and have a real need / use for it (basically, anyone in public safety, what you do with it after the sale is your business, I'm just not going to sell it to just anyone as it currently is).

Interior pics will be up in the next few days...its snowing like mad here so I can't go out and get them just yet. The interior is very clean, can't testify to what happened before I got it, but there's never been a cigarette in it since I owned it (hate them). There are no rips or stains on the seat or carpet, there are the customary holes in the dash (not many) where PD equip was mounted. Will likely be getting those panels from a member here and replacing before sale anyone so its more stock. Front cloth seats, rear solid bench is vinyl (great for overly drunk buddies LOL).

There are two repaired stone chips in the windshield, been there about 3 years. Were repaired by safelite autoglass, haven't had an issue with them since the replacement, but you can see the spots if you look. All 4 windows and the rear glass is tinted down to 20%, which is how it was when I received it.

I do still owe a bit on the car, so the winning buyer will get a clean title as soon as the deal is done and my bank processes the payoff, being told that averages around 14-28 days (never sold a car to an individual before, always done trades).

Would appreciate any interest, or selling tips as this is new to me!

The car will also be listed on Craigslist and eventually eBay if it doesn't sell.

Thanks for checking it out!


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I'm unemployed, so I can't give you a reasonable offer. Good luck on the sale, I hope it goes to someone who recognizes what they are getting.

Edit: Just because I am curious, did you ever get those pictures of the interior and maybe the skid plates since I haven't seen them on a trep?

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Update: Last night I was washing the car (you can see it at the carwash in some of the photos LOL) and left the key in accessory by mistake. The battery was dead as a doornail when I went to leave, so after waiting on AAA and a jumpstart, I came home. This morning it wouldn't start again, so I just replaced the in it was 4 years old so was probably time. So NOW you're getting brand new tires, brand new radiator hoses, AND a brand new battery =-)

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Awesome car!!!
Good luck for sell!

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Thanks for the kind words, I'm reducing the price again, hopefully to get sold before someone on ebay snags it up. I know someone from here would take car of it properly. Price is reduced to 4200. 3800 if you want the emergency equip removed.

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Damn, it's a shame you live so far off from me. I'd love to snatch this.

Good luck with the sale! Awesome 'Trep.

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is the car still available
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