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Hello everybody, hope the wx is fine up there. Not too cold here. And the best no white death!!!

Last week went back to Tally and got my self a 02 300m back seat with the folding seats. Thanks tgs for the instructions, and took your advice, the wife went with me since it was a bit heavy to pull it out. Today after work completed the painting process on the metal parts of the concord passenger seat. This weekend I will put it back together and take it to the upholstery place. Nice dark grey leather and the guy says he can install a heating kit.
My wife love heated seats so will see.

I need to get the water pump replace, anyone knows the upgraded version replacement for my 2.7 engine? while I'm there any links for the replacement process with photos? How about timing change?

tgs, the link does not work on my computer????????
101 - 102 of 102 Posts