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2004 3.5 trep throttle body cleaning

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I'm wondering how do I even get to the damn thing. Is this something that can even be reached without a lot of work?
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You have to take off your windshield wipers, then the wiper cowl, pull off your air intake and there should be I think 2 bolts and a torx bolt and it should pop off. If you have problems getting it off because of the bottom bracket you can slightly loosen the mounts from the transmission. Then disconnect your two sensors on it. Then you should be good to go for cleaning! If it's really dirty you should expect a lower idle and some better off the line acceleration!
wow ok. I was hoping it would be more simple than that but i'm probably overthinking it. I'll check it out this weekend

My idle isn't rough, but its jumped from 600-750rpm or higher in park. Changed out plugs and air filters already.
It's simple when you get down to it. It's one bolt for each wiper. Then a few screws for the cowl. A couple clamps for the air intake and then you are on the home stretch!
Make sure to get a new TB gasket if you take it off. Even if you don't, it's not a bad idea. Also, make sure you clean the IAC valve since that's probably the cause of your problem.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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