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Status: Clean Title

I have a 2004 Dodge Intrepid for sale, in USA - Florida.

Mileage: 82000 km
Engine Size: 2,7

Asking price is $3495

I'm selling my 2004 2.7 SE Intrepid that i picked up from auction and drove 170 miles back home. I have personally put around 500 miles on it. Now it has less than 82000 miles. Recent work done was an alignment, oil change, valve covers, tuneup including spark plugs, spark plug boots, coolant temp sensor, pcv valve, front brake job including new rotors and brake pads. new radiator cap. Everything works as it should on the car. Interior has average wear. The exterior is average with the right front fender having some dents, and were the front left fender and door meet it looks as though it had some issue there. From far away you can not tell. Then i noticed that the previous owner replaced the tranny oil cooler with an aftermarket As they added an auto sun sensor for auto headlights although it does not have the auto headlight switch. Also i had Tire kingdom do an inspection twice and all major things were remedied. Only thing left were the rear tires will need replacement, left inner tie rod slighty worn and maybe oil leak from oil pan. Its a used car. I'm being honest about everyone that I've found out. Pm or call me if you are interested.


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