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I only came here as a last resort. Being here makes me sad since I no longer have my beautiful Intrepid that led me to this site many years ago. :(

Though I could not find answers anywhere else. The A/C on my 2006 Stratus SXT does not work on hot days. Here's a breakdown below:

Normal day, around 70F degrees or less, the A/C works fine and great.
Warm day, say in the 80's or low 90's, the A/C won't work sitting in the sun but will cool off after driving on the freeway for 10-15 mins.
Hot day, high 90's or over 100F degrees, the A/C will not work at all. Been on freeway for 2 hours and it gives nothing but warm air on those days.

The car temperature is always good. It gets regular checkups by myself and my dealer. The dealer has specifically looked through the A/C system 3 times and could not find anything wrong. All fluids in the car are kept at proper levels. It just does not work on hot days. Has anyone seen this before?

I've looked all over the internet, had this problem for a few years, maybe since I got it. I even searched these boards before posting but I couldn't get results to less than a few hundred threads that weren't what I wanted.

I appreciate any help! I love Intrepids! :D
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