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New to posting a thread...

I just wanted to know if anyone knew anything about any sweet aftermarket headlights for my 2001 Chrysler Concorde. I had oems in it but then drilled into them to install some leds and ruined them. I then went and bought aftermarket stock looking eagle eye headlights. They were ok for the first year. Now the lenses have odd cracks in them and the adjuster for aiming the headlight broke on the drivers side and I can only raise it a bit and then it falls back down.

I want projector headlights but the 2002 and up concordes projector lights are not an exact fit and I dont want to put on the 2002 bumper to compensate for the headlight gap. Is there any 1998 to 2001 headlights other than oem style?

Also does anyone know about how I could fix the adjuster on my drivers headlight somehow so that I can raise my headlights so they actually light the whole road?
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