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Same damn thing with my 1999 ES 3.2L. I was always concerned about that. Excessive buildup around the exhaust.

Please note that I had Oil dissapearance with no visual sign of leakage, I reported this to the dealer.

Sir, your engine is fine.....

I reported intermittent rough idling

Sir, your engine is fine.....

I had the Oil and Filter changed since I assumed it could have been leaking from a bad Oil filter seal or loose Oil filter. I checked Oil level for a couple weeks, everything was fine so I assumed it was corrected.

My engine blew up at 33,000 miles. Check engine light never came on, Oil light never came on, nothing. Engine was down to 1 quart and it happend rather quickly.

Yes I am sure there are PCM and TCM TSB's for the 1998/1999 Intrepid ES'. There were TSB's regarding the horrible gas mileage and irritating intermittent transmission issues.

The dealer actually performed the updates that would have cost me $90.00 USD for free since there were TSB's and it was under warranty. The original dealer where I purchased it lied to me and always told me nothing was available.

I got about 20 more miles per tank. Transmission seemed to function a lot smoother w/quicker shifts. Even seemed just a little bit quicker on hard accel.

I'm not tryin' to scare anyone with my horror stories but be careful and continually inspect and check your engine and car. I hope this could help some other Chrysler 3.2L guy.

Later guys

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