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Let me start by saying I've read through numerous threads related to this topic and found a wealth of information here but nothing that addressed the issue I currently have with my 3.3L. It's the Caravan configuration.

Engine has always been noisy (ticking & rattle) and definitely suffered from a lack of PM before I got it in '08 with 125K on it; now has 160K. Friday a new tapping & minor squeal sound started; louder on the right side (rear toward firewall as installed in the Caravan). Eliminated accessories and catalytic converter as possible causes. Suspected a rod bearing so I pulled the oil pan on Friday to find rods & mains looking and feeling okay. Noted definite slop and clatter in the timing chain. Pulled the engine out yesterday, removed timing cover and put a piece of wood against the damper to stop the chain from making noise. Turned the engine over by hand, can't hear tapping or squeal as when running. Pulled the right side valve cover off and found #3 intake valve not moving as much as the other valves. This engine was cruddy before I got it, and I still found a good bit of crud under this cover. No metal shavings anywhere so I'm hard pressed to consider a bearing failure or cam damage as the source of the noises.

Bit more on the history. Been running MO-090 filters with full synthetic oil since I got it; 5K change intervals, on-road use only. Oil pressure is good 28psi @ idle; 45 @ highway speeds. Plugs look good, not rich/lean.

Thanks in advance for your input.
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