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I am posting this here in the hopes that we can have a huge turnout to this event. This was an awesome time last year for us, and it will be again.
The signup thread can be found here:

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Ok fellow M'ers. Here's the skinny on the hotel for Indy Meet 2008. I was told today that you can begin tomorrow, Friday 2/15/08 to make your reservations. I asked for a block of 20 rooms but if we manage to need more we should be able to get them. I don't recommend waiting too long though.

May 15th was added for those of you wanting to arrive on Thursday. The hotel has adjusted the room block to include Thursday on the club rate.

Please add your name to the sign-up list after you've called the hotel to reserve your room.

Hotel Information

WHEN: May 15-16-17-18, 2008

WHERE: Indianapolis Holiday Inn North

COST: $89 per night/plus tax

HOTEL DETAILS: Call the hotel directly at 317-872-9790 and specify that you are reserving under the CHRYSLER 300M ENTHUSIASTS CLUB block. Block Code G25
Mentioning the club name and block code should insure that you get the club rate.

Mayor's Breakfast Information (thanks BigMike60)

I have confirmed with the Indy 500 Festival that we will be able to get the same rate as last year for the Mayor's Breakfast on Saturday, 17 May 2008, which will include a lap on the Brickyard track if weather and qualifications permit. This is the same as it was last year and while a lap is extremely likely, we cannot guarantee on that point.

The Breakfast is a sumptuous affair that starts around 0830 and as you can see from the picture on my post allows you to rub elbows [and other parts if you are lucky] with some of the festival Princesses and also perhaps interact with Indiana mayors and race car celebrities who attend the Breakfast. You also get priority parking in close to the Pagoda and a special seating area in the stands behind pit road, and access to the garage areas where photos and autographs can be obtained sometimes. I will endeavor to try to get some photog work set up to commemorate the lap on the track and hopefully get it so that we can all kind of go as a group rather than the haphazard way that we got on the track last year due to some breaks in the traffic. I can make no promises on these two points but I will be trying to arrange it.

Last year there were upwards of twenty Indy cars on the track after the Breakfast was over. There was also a commemorative pin handed out to those who got in line for one. That should happen again this year.

John has made arrangements with a new hotel and will post info on getting reservations.

Tickets for the Breakfast, etc., will be handled as follows, and like we did last year. Paulette Waters our Treasurer will take PayPal payments to her from all that are signing up if they want to go to the Breakfast and do a lap on the track [you don't have to go to the Breakfast to attend the meet] and payments of $60 should be sent to her at the attached Paypal link: Go to paypal and send $60 to: [email protected]

She will also take Checks:
Chrysler 300M Enthusiasts Club
c/o Paulette Waters
1270 Del Lilly Ln
Las Vegas, NV 89123-1480

Paulette will compile a list and at the appropriate time make a single payment to the 500 Festival. Tickets and waiver of liability forms will be sent to John, as we did last year, and he will distribute them the day before at the hotel or as other wise arranged for those who need it done differently. The waiver of liability is a must to run on the track. I urge you to check your schedules and make your reservations as soon as possible so that we will have a good frame of reference to deal with the 500 Festival people and can get the right number of 10 person tables for the club. As with last year, the event is a Black and White affair [checkered flag colors] so plan on wearing white and black clothing [Club jackets and hats were good] if you have it for the Breakfast. I will have assorted favors, lights, hats?, signs, etc. as appropriate to commemorate the event. Those wishing to attend the meet but not the Breakfast are welcome to do so.

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Pole Day/Mayor's Breakfast at Indy

Had a great day at Indy last Saturday. We got a lap on the track and had a great time with the Princesses before the Qualifications started. Got a Parnelli Jones autograph.I had some Checker Board pants [Loudmouth Golf Pole Position style] and they were a big hit. Going back up tomorrow for the festivities and race on Sunday.


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