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Only one word can describe the current Scirocco design and performance. Sick!

Oettinger was successful in taking the 2.0T powerplant and getting 350hp out of it. The production kit will be out by the end of the year. This comes as a complimentary addition to the subtle bodykit that is offered for the Scirocco. A little fascia changes, a little diffuser work and a mean sounding exhaust compete for attention with the 20″ rims. For such a tiny car, 20″ rims might be overkill, but the suspension has been tuned with that in mind.

Inside decor consist of carbon inlays and aluminum everywhere. Not bad for an entry level sports car. Too bad it’s not destined for our shores.

European tuners are starting to warm up to the all-new Scirocco as the first examples of VW’s 3door coupe hit the streets. The latest proposal comes from Oettinger that has developed a subtle bodykit that consists of aero flaps for the front splitter, sill extensions and a rear diffuser that incorporates a new set of exhaust tailpipes. The kit is matched with a set of dark-colored lightweight 20-inch alloy wheels. Inside, the German tuning firm has spiced up the Scirocco with carbon-fiber trim accents, stainless steel kick plates, new floor mats and aluminium pedals.

Oettinger has fiddled around with the engine electronics raising the 1.4 TSI’s output from 160 to 200HP and the 2.0 TSI’s from 200 to 240HP. The German firm is also working on a specially tuned adjustable suspension and larger brakes along with a new kit that will boost the 2.0 TSI’s performance to 350HP and 470Nm. This power kit will be available by the end of the year.

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