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Far off in the distant future, after I fix all the problems that exist with my 94 Intrepid and my 02 Grand Caravan, and I have wrapped my 95 Spirit around as many poles as the highway patrol will let me, I plan on taking on a new project. A new project of an old car.

My dad is sitting on the rusting carcass of a 1968 Saab Model 96. I would like it to one day look about like this:

But at the moment, it looks more like this:

This vehicle shares something with the LH platform, however, it is a FWD car with a longitudinal engine. Though it has half as many cylinders, and half as many cycles, the layout is familiar. Here's my crazy idea. I plan on pulling out the completely shot inline 3-cylinder 2-cycle (yeah, burns oil in the gas) engine and freewheeling column shifted manual transaxle and after some appropriate suspension, body, frame and brake upgrades and modifications, drop in a 3.3 or a 3.5L V6 tied to one of our very own 42LE transaxles. A donor car will be stripped for harnesses and modules, and as many modern features as possible will be carried into the Saab's chassis along with the updated powertrain. Four wheel disc brakes, AC, cruise and a custom made in-dash CD changer control/MP3 player that is operated by two knobs to preserve the asthetic will round out the upgrades with a new paint job and a few other enhancements like retracting shoulder belts along for the ride.

Am I a lunatic? Maybe. If the internet is still around by the time I tackle this project I'll try to keep y'all up to date.
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