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93-96? Prelude Killed

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This happened last saturday when I was on I-275 around 1 PM going to St.Pete on the Howard Frankland bridge. I was going about 80mph on the bridge and all the sudden I hear this terrible buzzing coming from this thing and I knew it was rice, but what kind? I let him pass me at first to see what it was and this exhaust setup was terrible, it was backfiring and everything. So I floored it and got on him at 95mph and got on the right of him and I just stayed with him for awhile and he guns it and so did I. I finally got around him at 105 I think and just kept it on the gas and when I got to 110 or so he was behind me and I slowed back down to 90 and he got right on my ass and I waited to zip through traffic and I floored it and lost him in the traffic . The last I saw him was when I slowed down to merge onto 375 to get to downtown st.pete :D and he kept on 275.

This thing could not have been a VTEC, my guess is a regular Type S with 135hp because this sounded like a civic. At least no false badging :cool:
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I know! It sounded like my damn lawn mower. It did hurt my ears some, and it was burning some oil because I saw blue smoke. He seriously needed to get a tune up on that thing.
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