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Everything about the radio of my '93 Eagle Vision worked perfectly well except the cassette player, it just wouldn't take cassettes or do anything, seemed like a power issue. I took it to a repair shop where they charged me $30 to diagnose it, they ended up not being able to confirm or deny that it was a power problem and that they were unable to repair it without the schematics, they charged me anyway. After a while I reinstalled the radio only to find out none of it works now. The radio will turn on and display the station, but nothing will play, and then it will shut its self off.

Any Ideas of what could be the problem and how to fix it?

On another note, I found the same radio on ebay and bought it, when it arrived I installed it only to find that only one FM station plays and no lights turn on except the equalizers lights, in addition, none of the buttons work except the volume, equalizer and the joystick that controls where the sound in the car is heard.

If any one haves any ideas of how to fix either of the problems on these two identical radios please inform me
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