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'94 Concorde vs. Camaro Patrol Car

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I was driving down 85 south near Spartanburg, SC and going about 70 in a 55. In my rear view mirror I see a Camaro flying and weaving in and out of traffic. He passes a truck in the right lane and I accellerate to match his speed. We both gun it and he pulls ahead, but doesn't have room to get infront of me so he braked and tried to pass on the right again. I get in the middle lane and let him take the far left lane (knowing hes probably going to kick my ass). When I see him start to come up I floor it and he just pulls more on me. Theres a car in my lane so I get behind him and my light shine in on the inside of his car. I see two blue light mounted on the inside and he has permament plates. I almost floored the brake pedal. I was so hyped the rest of the way that I raced a cop and didn't even get pulled, so at my exit I found a riced out CRX and easily killed him. Just to put him in his place. It was a fun trip home.
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Here in New York firemen use Blue lights. Its different in every state.
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