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I fired up the old Eagle today,things were going ok for 20 minutes or so,
just laidback driving at about 50mph or so.
As i decelerated towards a intersection,the oil lamp and check engine lamp lit up red simultaneously
and the engine drew it`s last breath,for now.I tried several times to restart.
Managed to push it across (wow,heavy car) to a gas station,where I attempted some more startups to no avail.
Open hood,oil dipstick looks healthy,coolant at appropriate level.
No belts ripped.Battery almost new.
Tried the key dance,no codes.
I think,I was very stressed and grumpy atm.
So I decide to walk to where I work to fetch some oil just in case.
Girlfriend (my passenger) calls me after 15 mins or so,said the car did start again.
Of course,huh?
I added some oil just in case,and we managed to drive it veeeery slowly to a safe place.
No more warning lights came on,no engine noise,no overheating.
Afraid to drive it home for another 20 mins given what had happened.
So,if I may ask the expertise of this forum;
Electrical error? The car has been unused for 6 months,it was veeery rainy tonight.
Bad oil pressure unit? Oil pump about to say goodnight?
No abnormal noise from engine either while driving or idling.
Did replace timing belt and water pump last summer,-myself- but had several succesful trips after that.
Can my oil dipstick be wet even if my oil sump is at too low of a level? - Clogged oil canals or such...sorry for bad english.
And,during all this,temperature meter never raised to a critical level.
Oil filter new,air filter new,but engine runs on 10-40 ( I know I know,5-30 is correct for this engine).
Engine has about 108000 miles on it.
Any input much appreciated !

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Several reasons.

Crank or Cam sensor.
Fuel Pump,
Fuel pump relay,
Fuel PSI regulator.
ASD (Autoshutdown) relay.
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