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156,000 miles. Tranny rebuilt at 118k. Never in a serious accident. Leather seats in excellent shape (fully electric), no cracks, tears etc - gray. Tranny cooler installed.

power everything, moonroof.

Mechanical: Runs well. Needs an EGR valve but passed emissions. Does not burn oil, leaks a very little bit. Recently replaced PS pump but something else in the PS system is now leaking badly near the firewall - it worked fine for a couple weeks then leaked badly - I would fix it but don't have the time.

Paint is in excellent condition. The driver fender was clipped by a tow truck (it made a right turn from the center lane while we were in the right turn lane) recently so the fiberglass is cracked and a small tear (less than 1 inch) in the bumper facia. Otherwise, no significant dents, rust or damage.

Could use a set of tires.

The car has only been driven locally for the past couple years (we have kids so the minivan gets the distance calls), longest trip 150 miles or so, so I can't make any assurances of its driveability over long distances but it certainly has served use well for local driving.

$750 OBO. Car is in Alpharetta, Georgia. Great chance to get a nice car really cheap if you are a bit mechanically inclined... Will post photos..

mailto:[email protected]
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