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96 3.5 ES and my 92 Sentra SE-R

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Just found this forum and surfed around to get a taste what you guys are like.. I have a 92 SE-R and my father then brother own the 96 3.5.. We all love both cars as different as they are.. It seems you guys find it even more diffult to do mods than us SE-R guys do.. I've done a few free so called ghetto mods on my car..

advanced timing from 14 to 17
cleaned throttle body
disabled EGR valve
re grounded MAF to the engine block

i see you've all killed intake resonators like me.

i won't be in here real often but will stop by to learn stuff my bro and i can do to the Intrep. you seem to have much in common with us SE-R drivers in terms of maturity and distaste for rice..

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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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