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i was on youtube and found this video were a stratus beat a mustang:smilie_sc
and the stratus was slooooooowww,
the description said(and still says)
I was at a red light and a mustang came up and wanted to race of course i said yea but this is how my car did at about 90mph he backed down

my comment was: "must have been a v6 mustang dont s_it yourself dude"
and i made my vid a responce, so he tells me

"dont **** my self really thats the best a piece of **** intrepid can do ive seen better"

AND then rejects the vid responce, here's his vid

if the link dont work just go to youtube and search
96' Dodge Stratus

can you believe some people?!?!

Speed is Power
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No shot of the mustang? its been a long time but I gotta raise it.

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