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Ive recently been working on my dads LHS, About 6 months ago his Ex harpooned the car off an expressway off ramp and fudged up the main wiring harness under the nose of the car. A local shop repaired the wiring and the car ran fine for a while. Then it just wouldnt start one day.

My dad took a second look at the wire's that were fixed by the shop and they looked fine. And suspected the ECU for whatever reason i dont know. He replaced it with a used one and the it did nothing for the cause.

Today i was bored and started looking things over when i noticed the Engine Control 20 Amp Fuse was blown, Actually it was a 40 amp but the fuse cover says its suppost to be a 20..

I replaced it with another 20 and i could hear something in the fuel system around the rail start working and or open up.

The car still doesnt start, but it gave me the trouble code P0443, Apparantly thats the Evap Purge Valve Open or Short Circuit Fault, Would this cause the car not to start?

I am going to check a few other things on the car. I believe the coil is not getting any power to it and may be the reason the car will not start.. Obviously..

This car is getting frustrating because its not mine, and it seems my dad has over looked some obvious causes to this problem. Its probably something stupid.. but who knows.
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