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I had waited several years after eligability to get my drivers license. I didn't have a car so I didn't bother getting the license. The day came when I got my first car - a 1994 Intrepid with a blown engine.

I saved up some money and bought a used engine. I worked hard to get the work done. I had to rent a cherry picker since I didn't have one, but the holiday weekend meant I'd have to pay for an extra day, so I got the blown engine out and the replacement in within a couple hours.

I insured the car in March and wouldn't you know it, I was out of town when a blizzard arrived and I hit a guard rail.

I was upset. I hadn't just bought this car. I gave her the love to get her going. I was quoted $2500 to get her fixed. It was only worth $1000 plus the engine was $800. I got a good deal for some body work and got her fixed up a bit. It wasn't perfect, but it was better than a hole where the head light used to be!

I drove this car everywhere: work; play; a drive into the country on a sunday. I'd go anywhere just to drive my car. Talk about love.

The weather and its age had taken its toll over time. She rotted out and needed a lot of work to get her road worthy for another winter. I found another Intrepid online with a bummed transmission and fixed it up. I parted out my car, saving motors, sensors, some body work, airbags, etc... and the wheel bearing and axel that were only 3 weeks used before the car was off the road.

Today was the day she was picked up and hauled away. There's something to say about your first car. I'm glad mine was an Intrepid. Bold, brave, resolutely fearless. I will never forget what this car means to me.
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