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I have two issues that hbave been bugging me lately.

I have been noticing that when I shut the car off it smells like gasoline/oil maybe exhaust. Mostly exhaust. The smell seems to come from the engine bay, but when you "sniff" it out, it leads you to the muffler. The muffler makes no noise. It just seems to smell. Is this a serious issue?

My A/C is becoming possessed.

Symptom 1) Yesterday and a few times before, the AC will kick on, I push off, then on, off ,on continously. I don't understand what is going on and there is no pattern that I have noticed.

Symptom 2) Today I had it on and it just started to smell like oil/gas. It wasn't very strong to me, but my girlfriend could smell it very well.

Sympton 3) I can't hit the recycle, the in cabin cycle, the button with the circulating arrow. It will light up and flash a couple times, then off, and just wont come on and stay lit.
Whats going on with the A/C?
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