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1)I used to use only premium, but now that gas prices have risen I use premium on the weekends and regular during the week. I notice a huge difference in power between the two. Gas milage difference is not so noticable(mainly cause I do alot of highway driving during the week).

2)I use the OEM MOPAR Oil filters and mobil one syenthetic oil. I always use mobil one in all my cars and the engines NEVER give me problems. that and I am fanatical about letting my cars warmup a minute or two before moving them(Sweety can you slow your contractions down a bit, I got to let the Trep warm up :) Her responce :mad: )

3)I've always been waiting for 2LIL2L8 to open up but some lame ass accord always has it in my area. :mad:

4)I used to used bras, but they do damage your paint and in my opion they don't look good. let's face it the paint is gonna get messed up in the front anyways. But most people can not tell that I have a few dabs of touch-up pint on the front hood unless they are right up on it. But a bra you can see from miles away. I will admit that I use the bra for long trips. But if you leave them n for extended periods they will rub off the shinny finish and they won't fade at the same rate as the rest of the hood making it look funny when you take it off.

I'm not sure how the non infinity system is hooked up, but I know the infinity systems have a wierd configuration where the speakers partially amplify themselves. So if you want to replace them you have to replace the amp to(which is a good idea actually) If I were you I would get an amp and speakers and THEN get the head unit. You will notice a more significant difference from the amp and speakers than you will from the head unit. As fr brands I think you should go to a shop and listen and compare. But I have found that kenwood excelons are the best speaker out there. They are on the low end, price wise, of the high end speakers. But when it comes to quality, clearity, and power, they kick ASS!

Remember the Treps have a lot of room to work with and if you get good stuff you will have a seriously good sounding system. Don't waste time with tubes, save your money and get a good sub/amp combo.

Hope this helps.

1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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