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a good thing about pre 95

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I simply wanted to know if there is any way to get those cool side things that the 93 and 94 intrepids have. My 96 doesnt have them. I think they make the car look way more muscular. If you guys of any way to attach them to my car that would be great!
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I have no idea what you're talking about :(

i have a '94 and have no clue what you are talkin about either :p
he's talking about the factory "ground effects" look in signature pic, just like you artifex

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I think I know what he is talking about. I photoshopped a pic of mine to show where it is. Unfortunately though, I dont have any access to webspace, and I'm too tired and lazy to quickly make a geocities account. :rolleyes:

At the very bottom of the door lining, there is sort of a buldge that starts at the beginning of the front doors, and flows back and fades into the rear doors. I agree with him that it makes the car look more aggressive. My dad has a 97 with the plain door moldings and I like mine much more.
ahh......i see now. yeah i wish my car had those :( ....they do make it look better.
i've seen it on the old style......I didnt have it on my 97 but i know what yer talking about..

i dunno, i wasn't nutz about that look myself.
look close at the bottom door trim, its like slightly raised, making it look like a somewhat "ground effect"

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Hey 93Intrepid, thats a sweet pic of your did you get such good photoshop skillz??? ;) :D
so does anyone know where to get these, or would i be better off just getting the sideskirts from that one bodykit company?
Actually, I rather have these on my car because not only do they look good, but also, the bottom of my front doors are rusting and those ground effects cover it up as it rusts through. So they are a saving grace for how good my car looks!
my 96 ES has the "ground effects"
are they trim panels or are they molded into the door? i'd be interested in getting a set for my 97.
I agree! I have a 97, and it doesnt have the "ground effects", I think it was only available on the ES... Someone who has these, please let us know if there part of the door, or seperate trim... I'd want to do it when i get a touch up paint job, so they can match the rest of the car, I dont like them in gray not so much...
ah yes, I understand now, I do have those, and I was recently trying to invision it without them... but nothing I can do about it because if I removed them, the door s would have not to mention the screw holes, but underneath those panels, the door goes "in" where they insert, so the doors aren't just base shape underneath those panels.

-Dan :p
Yeah, I got those. The door pieces are add-ons, held on by tape, screws and push pins. They're pretty easy to do. The front and rear bumpers however are completely different I believe. The front starts the flow for the doors and the rear caps it off. Go look at my pic in the pics section, the full size pic, see how the grey bottom is integral to the bumper? The sides will work fine, buy I think you may be screwed up front.

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After picking up some dinner earlier tonight I walked by a white 1st Gen Intrepid in the parking lot and noticed that it did not have the bottom panels we have been discussing on here, it wasn't an ES, BUT on the door panels there were indentations (like I explained up there a little earlier) where those panels might have gone, the area they fit into. It looked a little odd, but not that bad. I am wondering if this person removed them or something... *shrug!*

-Dan :p
Are 3.5 l engines only on the es? See, i was walking by my car today and i noticed slight indentations on the bottom of the door panels. Which leads me to believe, if someone took them, off, you could probably put them back on.
i have seen 3.5 engines in all three models, base, Sport, and ES. you could also have a 3.3 in the same models, though i have never personally seen a Sport with a 3.3, though some say such a creature exists. i don't think these panels are a 3.5 thing; i have a 3.5 and i don't have them on my car.
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