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Well with getting the phone call that my new job officially starts Wednesday I decided its time for me to get a PC7424 and start learning to detail. My bumpers and doors have paint damage from various incidents, but the rest of my paint isn't too far gone to save, no peeling clear or anything.

It is in pretty bad shape though, I make no attempt to hide the fact that I never really knew that much about detailing before, and I also gave up a bit after so much of the paint getting damage while in college. Now I'm working on learning to both paint and detail.

I don't have any deep scratches that are a big problem, but I have tons of small ones and terrible swirls. I need a full paint reconditioning, but I believe it'll be worth it and will work quite well. I'll practice on my fiance's car first when learning techniques.

I plan to watch all of junkman's videos, and talk to many others for tips along the way. That isn't where I need help yet. My biggest problem is where to get supplies and what I need. It seems that the 3 top brands that people talk about are Adams, Zaino, and Mequires professional line of detailing products. Regardless of whatever you're brand preference I'd like recommendation on where you get your detailing products. I haven't found local places here that carry the good stuff. The area seems to be saturated with so many autozone type shops that carry the typical consumer off the shelf crap for the most part.

Also do you get the pads from porter cable for the buffer or do you get ones specifically made for each product that you plan on using? Is it worth getting the good microfiber bonnets for the buffer or should you just do that part by hand?

Then there is where to get the good microfiber products. I didn't realize for a long time why the towels I was getting off the shelf weren't as good as they should have been. Now I know that I need to get the real quality Korean made microfiber. After doing some homework the junkman is totally right and his opinion is backed up by many others. The best brand I've found online so far is the Cobra stuff, specifically they're gold line looks like what I want. This site looks decent for ordering the stuff.

So what do you guys think?
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