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GMC will soon introduce an ultra-lux version of the Acadia under the Denali tag, GMC Communications Group Manager Dayna Hart announced on her Twitter page. The announcement hardly comes as a surprise, although the method in which the announcement was made public only further illustrates that automakers have been abandoning traditional public relations methods for releasing new product news.

GMC hasn’t officially released any details on the Acadia Denali, though it’s not hard to surmise that it will take some of the features from the Buick Enclave and apply them to the strong-selling Acadia. GMC has used the Denali tag line on two other SUVs, the Yukon Denali and Envoy Denali, to denote a range-topping content level.

It’s unknown whether the Acadia Denali will feature any additional underhood motivation beyond the 288-horsepower V6 currently offered.

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