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CDA-D857 - does anyone have this unit? Alpine says it fits perfectly with GM & Chrysler cars. They even said it will work with the factory steering wheel controls. Does anyone know if this will work with the factory 4disc in-dash cd changer? If it does, then this is the headunit that I need. :)

Alpine CDA-D857
Key Features
• 45W x 4 MOSFET Amplifier
• Factory Fit for GM or Chrysler Vehicles
• Dual Illumination Buttons (Green/Amber)
• BBE Processor
• MaxTune Tuner
• Anti-Theft Detachable Face
• Wireless Remote Control Included
• Steering Wheel Remote Control Ready
• 4 Volt PreOut
• 2 PreOuts

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I have the CDA-D853, which I believe they look the same but mine does not have steering controls. Question - I thought the H/U in the 2nd gen was only DIN height and the face is curved? Will this unit still work?
MathWiz's Alpine H/U


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Mathwiz is correct. The radio size in the 2nd Gen Intrepid is 1.5 DIN height, but is curved. The curves on the corners will not allow you to install a 1.5 DIN aftermarket radio in there. Sorry, but you're stuck with using a single DIN aftermarket and a dash kit.

And no, there are no adapters or aftermarket units available to control the factory in dash changer.

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