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Howdy y'all.
I've posted a couple questions on here already, after spending a few minutes searching for the answer on here first, of course. So I figured i might as well introduce myself here.
Recently I was gifted a 97 Intrepid Sport. It had a busted cv axle and was pretty rough on the interior too.
So I replaced the half axle, put in a battery and she fired right up after sitting for a year. But when I put it in gear, I heard a grinding gears noise. Ugh!
So I took took the passenger side wheel and brake off to look for the problem. Didn't notice anything amiss so I put it back together, started it, put it in reverse and same ugly noise. Crap!
So took it apart again and removed the lower suspension parts (not sure what they're called) lower control arm? Two pieces, shaped like a "V" when together, bolts to the frame and to the big brake knuckle thing.
Anyways, took that thing off, went to the parts yard, removed the same thing off a 97 Intrepid there and compared them side by side to see if mine was bent out of shape or something. They looked identical but I bought the part and put it on my car anyway. Put it back together, tried to drive it again and this time no noise. At first. Then it started again. Shitballs!
What the eff? So I took it all apart again, and by this time my buddy's friend is getting sick of me coming over and working on this car in his driveway. I looked around in there again and that's when I finally noticed it, the rearward mount where the lower control arm bolts to the frame was halfway ripped out of the frame. I don't know how I missed that when I was unbolting and then reattaching the control arm.
So I finally had it towed to my house ($50), then hired mobile welder guy who lives nearby to weld it back in place after he spent some time repositioning it with his air hammer ($80).
So after he left, i put it all back together, started it up, put it in gear, and no more grinding gears noise!
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