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What goes through youre mind at the start or hunt for a race??

What sparked this thought off was my KIA experience in the previous post..

So, I am at the light and the a car pulls up, I quickly ID the car then think to myself
"Have I got a Chance" if they answer is yes then Ill look at the driver, do they look the race type? Are they a hotty? :)

If they look the race type I crawl the car
VERY slowly forward and usually they will match, if they dont look the racing type I`ll still do it because it might just convience them.. With my KIA post, obviously
the hoons wanted a race, all thier ego was on this race, they seen da Concorde as the old mans car.... Obviously it was easy to dash
the ego on this one, but on a hard race
I tend to weave in and out the traffic etc
to get the feeling of winning... But I am not
really the competative type... hmm go figure..

I think to much! :)

What goes through your head at the light?

Yes, I was a Psychology minor! :)
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