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Antifreeze smell

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Hey guys, I just bought my wife a 98 Intrepid a few months ago. I noticed a faint smell of anitfreeze when she brought it home (from interior) and it was strong when we exited the car. I opened the hood and looked for a leak, nothing, I did the same for the interior, same outcome. I also noticed when she goes in reverse and hits the gas, there is a slight vibrating sound, I can't find it either. The car has a full warranty, but not sure if I wanna take it in for tiny things like that, should I?null :confused:
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when i had my '97 <and went thru 3 water pumps> I would get that smell whenver there was a leak <one leak was a pinhole leak so tiny I never saw it, but the dealer found it!>

so yeah, best advice is get it checked out before u overheat and get stranded
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